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The Caravan Is Winding Down On Its First Half Of The 2018 Tour!

2 more shows left after tonight's show in Luxembourg at the Club Sang & Klang!

The Spring tour will be starting on April 4th and will go until May 6th! Make sure you check out the tour dates!

We wanted to share a video of the show filmed by Hans-Joachim Bucher on February 2nd in Berlin! We are also featuring a few photos from the tour!



There have been some great photo captures on this tour and wanted to highlight some great photos from some pretty great photographers!

Thank you!

Otto Woyczieniuk

3 Songs Bonn

Stephan Bielski

Rudiger Kopp

Albrecht Schmidt

Thorben Vogel

Wolfgang Multer

Jana Grob

Farmer John


Dont Forget!


One last thing!

Check out BA's new release"Let it Go" on Spotify!

Buying options for "Let It Go" :

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