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  • 12 selectable channels
  • LED feedback for signal quality, battery life and channel selection
  • Plug-and-play transmitter with integrated Li-Po battery
  • Full Charge equals 8 hours of battery life
  • Fast Charge: 1 hour charging equals 4 hours battery life
  • Range: 100M Line of Sight (Depending on RF environment)
  • 24-bit audio, 103dB SNR
  • No audible latency: <3ms
  • No compander
  • Worldwide Plug Adaptors (Type A, C, G & I)

StageClix V3 Pro


    About StageClix:
    StageClix 5.8 GHz systems are designed, engineered & developed for musicians in pursuit of high-end digital wireless audio that untethers them from cables without compromising their sound. StageClix wireless systems operate within the 5.8 GHz worldwide ISM band and utilize proprietary RF signal processing & transmission protocols to create an unprecedented streaming technology not found in other wireless audio systems. The StageClix patented signal
    transmission known as “Triple Diversity” virtually eliminates latency, dropouts & interference while delivering true tone.
    StageClix systems are jam-packed with technology and easy to use, all StageClix systems feature a user friendly, plug-and-play interface that allows anyone to operate them effortlessly. In addition to providing robust technology, easy-to-use interface and seamless setup, the build quality of StageClix systems is second to none. StageClix wireless systems are manufactured in Europe using carefully selected materials & components ensuring these systems are built to perform
    and withstand the wear & tear of any tour schedule.

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